Why To Buy 3D Projector Screens

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3D projector screen is an award-winning optical high gain 3D stereoscopic and 3D/HD projection screens. It is used in business conference rooms, houses of worships, residential homes, for games and arcades, and for advertising and entertainment.

Their 3D Mocom “Solstice” Projection is one of their newest and most cutting-edge inclusions in the area. The value of this particular display is that it resolves the problems of low lighting that has presented complications for many 3D projector display, produced in the past. Those, who have not been able to provide a real 3D engagement encounter similar to that, when viewing a 3D film in a cinema .

The issue has always been the difficult issue of mild outcome. The projector display resolves the issue of low lighting in 3D by maintaining very great polarization while improving the representation of lamp to 18-23 advantages, seven times higher in comparison to conventional gold displays. This technological advancement provides shiny pictures on big dimension in great normal light, offering top high quality 3D pictures and an audience-immense encounter.

Another important difference is that the shape of the screen is concave, unlike other manufacturer’s, which are flat. Other features include:

Area material: 99 percent metal with rubber coating

Micro-fine of diffusion collections of less than 10micron, Metal pollutants of 5micron and silicon-coated surface

Brightness uniformity: over 80% without hot-spotting

Fast reaction time without ghosting

Attached to the wall or floor stand

Outstanding off-axis light rejections accept only light from a projector and reject the ambient light

Very great polarization preservation

In addition to their latest 3D show, they are the only company in the world producing 18 to twenty-three acquire concave shows, double-sided understandable shows, and a wide range of other products including:

Front projection screens (1-23 gain)

Back projector display screens

Double-sided screens

Cylindrical (curved) screens

Flat screens

3D projector show screens

They are inheriting its technical know-how as the first optical company in South Korea. With two factories in the cities of Dongduchun and Pochun, it is the largest manufacturer in Asia. Mocom also boasts the greatest number of patents in screen technology, which now number cover 480 worldwide.

The display enhancements and high quality have obtained numerous awards in the industry such as the CES Innovation award for three decades, as well as the Southern korea presidential award for two decades. This technological advancement provides shiny pictures on big dimension displays in great normal light, offering top high quality 3D pictures and an audience-responsive encounter.

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