The Increasing Popularity Of DAM Software

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DAM Software

A young boy might take extra care of his increasing collection of baseball cards. He might carefully take each and separate by teams, positions, or how well he likes each player. There is a possibility that each card would be place in a protective cover and stored in a shoe box or other safe place. What this young man is going through is the development of his own asset management process. He could call it cam, or card asset management. There is an increasing need for DAM software, or digital asset management.

There is a desire to collect and protect things that are valuable at every level. During ancient Egyptian times written scrolls of knowledge were considered valuable assets. Ancient libraries were built to house them. There were systems created to catalog them so that they could be easily found. And guards were strategically placed for security. This ancient yet always current logical approach is what drives asset management today.

Digital asset management is an unknown phrase for many people, yet it is in use every single day. The average home has one person with a portable music or video device. This personal device can maintain thousands of individual songs or a multitude of videos. The same home may have at least one computer. This computer could store personal budgets, family photos, school project reports, and other valuables.

Companies have needs for sophisticated asset management. Physical assets are no longer the predominant types. There are obligations to store and protect the non physical forms as well. There are legal responsibilities regarding this which should be considered. Something as common as a company email could either make or break them.

A business could have digital data being created and accessed thousands of times per day. Having human assistants to pick up and deliver these is unwise. Systems are needed to save, optimize, download, archive, group, and maintain all digital information safely and in real time.

Digitalized data for many businesses can be their core asset. It can be more valuable than any physical assets. To be able to inventory the assets and assess their values accurately is helped by using the right software.

The right software and service provider can also be significant cost savers. They have the ability to maximize the speed of which data is retrieved. Having a file in seconds as opposed to minutes create a more productive environment. The backup process can also be cloud based. This reduces the on site staff needed to maintain information as well as the amount of brick and mortar space needed for hardware. And, in the event of failures and accidents, the valuable information could be well protected off site.

There are several providers of DAM software. Care should be taken to investigate, and comparison shop to make sure the right vendor is being selected. Communication with current or past users can also be very beneficial. One needs to have the assurance that a vendor will be in existence at least for the life of the software being sought.

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