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Virtual Desktops

Hosted virtual desktops is a computing concept involving the implementation of virtual machines on servers found in datacenters. This is a deviation from the traditional way of running individual PCs at a client based level. The data is stored in a central location and is accessible by users using remote mobile devices such as tablets, thin clients, smartphones, and laptops, desktop among others. The files are accessed over networks and the internet.

It is built on an infrastructure referred to as Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). This is a desktop-centered service that hosts desktop environments of users on remote servers. These servers are accessed over networks using the remote display protocol. Connection brokering services are used to connect users to their sessions. The administration of these systems is simplified by the centralization. This enables administrators to respond quickly to the emerging needs of the business and the user.

Business organizations derive a number of benefits from the implementation of this technology. Data security is enhanced in the organization. The critical files and data are stored away from the local machines which prevents data loss through theft or system failure. Effective backing up is done on a regular basis and the data is protected from corruption caused by virus attacks.

Resource sharing is an effective technique used to reduce operational expenses. This computing concept helps to achieve this and eliminates the need to provide single machines for employees where it may be unnecessary or may require additional costs. The data is backed up from time to time and in case of the occurrence of a disaster it is available for system recovery.

This system is built to support flexibility in order to allow for customization when needed. A number of business applications are installed to meet the diverse and specific needs of the clients. Their integration into the existing environment is easy since they can be adopted using the step-by-step approach. The time and cost of migration is also very minimal.

This technology helps to improve the productivity of a company. Virtually hosted data can be accessed from any location and allows a person to work in different a location besides the office station. It also reduces expenses since no investments in notebook computers and PCs are necessary. It eliminates maintenance and upgrading costs which are performed by the service provider.

The concept of this technology is the separation of the software component of the system from the hardware facilities. This is beneficial because it leads to the development of scalable systems. Businesses benefit a lot from scalable machines since it allows room for growth as it continues to develop and expand. The implementation is done on three or even four tier platforms which increase the network coverage. This enhances accessibility by the various users connected to it.

Hosted virtual desktops have been implemented by both small and large businesses. They guarantee security, accessibility and redundancy of critical information and files. Using this computing infrastructure allows secure access to the business computing environment through any mobile device connected to the internet. However, there are several challenges that hinder its implementation. The two main factors are the cost and complexity associated with the system.

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