Cat 6 Cables and their Advantages

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Cat 6 Cables

Nowadays category cable are also called cat6 (category 6), is a cable standard for Gigabit Ethernet. It has lots of advantages compared to its previous versions cat5, cat5e and cat3. Most Internet Service Provider (ISP) companies are providing modems when you subscribe for internet. But did you know most of the companies supplying cat5 or cat3 network cables that are capable of speeds up to 800 – 1000 mbps. Because of that cat5 cable is cheaper than cat6 cable. So before applying for internet you should know about cat6 network cables and their uses.

By utilizing CAT6 community cable you can make data transfer up to 10240 mbps or 1 gbps. Shorter cables are often much better than your longer cat6 community cables, since shorter cable pace is more than two gbps. This cat6 network cables are mainly developed for gigabit networks, due to the fact that these cables have a thicker root which provides much less resistance for your data transfer. Cat6 community cables look similar to cat5e network cables, each of them have identical sort of plugs (RJ45) which include 8 pins. The cat6 community cables are suitable with any network that makes use of cat3, cat5e, cat5.

The maximum length of this cable is 100 meters, so you may struggle to find any ready made cable at this length. This type of network cable can be bought in reels up to 250 or 300 meters. These are the specifications of cat6 network cable. Now we are going to see the advantages of cat6 network cable.

Cat 6 Cables

Cat6 cables are standard cables which are used for network connection. When compared to the previous standard cat cables cat6 network cable have lots of advantages like reduced crosstalk and build quality. The data transfer speed is very high; this is why this cat6 cable is widely used. Its better insulation leads to better performance of the system, but sometimes the insulation is too thick so the performance of the system will be reduced. When it comes to cat6 cable installation you should ensure that the cable is properly installed. Then only you can achieve optimum results. The cable should not be bent or kinked tightly because the functioning of the cable will be interrupted. It is most important to ground all the cables to ensure safety of your installation. Ground loops should be avoided, because the ground loop may introduce noise in to your network connection.

Right here cat6 belongs to sixth era of network cabling methods. As a way to accomplish the greater attainable outcomes from cat6 cables, the installation ought to be more sophisticated and services should be sturdy. If there’s any issue because of incorrect set up that will produce a massive impact on the complete community. The positive aspects supplied by this cable (cat6) it can results in an enhance interest in it. This cable is price effective, far more flexible, quick and trustworthy. Compared to its prior edition cat5, it has higher speed data transfer and lowered cross talk.

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