Benefits of Rooting Kindle Fire

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Rooting Kindle Fire

If you are of the many who fancy gadgets and mobile devices with games, the internet, and multimedia functions, then you’re probably also aware of the fact that most if not all of these devices are made and designed with limitations. It means that no matter how expensive and high-end a product is, there is always something missing. That’s the reason why there are people known as underground developers and hackers. These people are the ones who are able to transform a certain device into something that is more powerful and flexible. One good example is XDA Kindle Fire, a process where a group of individuals over the web has created a rooted Amazon Kindle Fire device to add more functions and features to the device.

If we talk about hacking and offering various software developments, there’s an XDA developers group that’s making a name on the web. They are the same group that were first to successfully root and hack the Amazon Kindle Fire so as to bring out more functions from the said device.

One of the things Amazon boasted when they finally unveiled a full blown tablet by the name of the Kindle Fire was that it was foolproof to hackers. They advertised the tablet as something that could not be hacked or rooted for the purpose of installing third party applications that correspond to free apps and games online. We’ve all seen Apple’s jailbreak and what it does to a rather expensive way to download applications and games, and XDA Kindle Fire rooting does the same job! Hence, the engineers behind Kindle Fire and Fire HD have been mistaken and have underestimated the ability of hackers to infiltrate both devices.

But the practical question now is can you really benefit from rooting or hacking your Kindle Fire? You have to ask yourself: what are the benefits you get from it?

One of the most convenient facts about XDA Kindle Fire rooting is that you will realize after it’s done that there is really nothing wrong and risky about doing it at all. Perhaps the only drawback is that you lose the warranty you are entitled to when you purchased the device. Then again, it’s not like when you jailbreak an iPad or iPhone where you risk freezing your device for good. Since the Fire runs with Google’s Android-based system, there is really nothing to worry about because what you get instead after the tablet is rooted is total and full access to the Google Play Store, including downloading and installing all sorts of apps, launchers, games, and many more.

Finally, rooting by way of XDA Kindle Fire is justified in such a way that the stock Kindle Fire was primarily built to limit the Android functionality, giving way and preference to the Amazon AppStore. Nonetheless, there’s really no point in limiting if there is some way to integrate both in one single device, and that’s what rooting is all about – getting more from the tablet computer.

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