6 Ways to Get You New Blog Started Right

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There are thousands of new blogs started every day, and that number is growing consistently. It’s so easy for anyone to set up a blog now that there are very few potential barriers, contributing to the huge number that are launched each day. Some bloggers are personal and others are for business. Those that are for business will need to find ways to attract visitors if they are to be successful.

Many new bloggers underestimate the difficulty that they will face in attracting and retaining readers. When a new blog launches, the first few days present a very valuable opportunity to present your blog as a great new resource for readers.

The article is dedicated to providing information on a few things you can focus on as a new blogger to get started quickly.

1. Tell Your Friends and Family About the Blog

When you’re trying to get traffic to your new blog, one of the easiest places to start is with those that already know you. Mention your new blog to them and send out an email with a link to your blog and a brief description of what they can expect to find there. While you won’t get thousands of visitors this way, it’s still a good place to start, and some of these people may become repeat visitors.

3. Use Your Other Sites to Link to the New Blog

If you have other websites or blogs you will be in much better position for promotion, especially if you have an established site in the same niche or industry. Using your existing site(s) as a springboard for your new blog is one of the most effective things you can do to promote it.

While having other existing sites and blogs can be an advantage, building a new blog from scratch without this help is certainly possible. Additionally, once you have built this blog you will have the advantage for your next launch since you will already have a platform to help.

3. Link to Your Blog from Your Social Media Profiles

Social networking sites are common haunts for bloggers. If you have some social networking profiles of your own, be sure to add a link to your blog from the profile. This is an easy way to get a few links, and the visitors that arrive at your blog will probably already be familiar with you, making them a higher quality visitor.

As a new blogger, link building will be more of the most important hurdles that you will have to overcome. Simple links from profiles can be a start.

4. Write Posts that Target Social Media Users

There are any number of different ways that you can get people to visit your blog. Search engine traffic is highly sought after, but it takes time to build your site’s reputation with the search engines and develop any type of substantial search traffic. Links and recommendations from other sites are great too, but that also will take time (unless you are already well connected).

Social media is a great resource for new bloggers because with the right type of content, and with quality content, exposure to a very large number of people is possible, and free. New blogs can quickly become recognized in their industry with a few posts that generate interest from social media users.

Many bloggers attempt to use social media with less-than-spectacular results. The key is to produce the highest quality of content possible and develop a network of other social media users. Not every post will be successful with social media, but when you have a hit it could have a huge impact on the growth of your new blog.

5. Blog Commenting

One way to get quality (not necessarily quantity) visitors is to leave intelligent comments on other blogs in your industry or niche. Readers of those blogs will see your comment, and if they have a reason they will click through to your site.

The key with commenting is to leave comments that add something to the post of provide some type of valuable insight or discussion. The majority of blog comments tend to be something like “Great post!”, which adds no real value and will not encourage anyone to click through and visit your site.

6. Get to Know Other Bloggers in Your Niche

One thing that all successful bloggers have in common is that they are surrounded by a strong network. Blogging is too personal in nature for someone to have success without developing relationships with other bloggers.

If you want to network with other bloggers you can start by commenting regularly on their blogs so they’ll start to get to know you. Other than that, you can be active at social networking sites, and also you can simply reach out to them by email to introduce yourself and see what happens from there.

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