Q: How much is this going to cost me?
A: There are no commission fees to sell or buy a home directly with us. The biggest cost will be a little time on your part in gathering information (if not already known).

Q: What if I want full asking price on my property?

A: We are interested in purchasing your property from you so you can have the money you need. Depending on your situation, we can often give you your full asking price. Sometimes we take over your payments too. This way, you don’t have to worry about late payments or non-payment any longer!

Q: I was told by an investor that if I am already working with a realtor, I couldn’t work with him, is this true?
A: No problem. We welcome other professionals. Often times we will need to meet with you and your realtor to discuss possible solutions at length. We realize that everyone will need to be present and in turn, taken care of.

Q: How much income do I need to qualify to Rent-To-Own?
A: That depends on how much your other expenses are. While part of our application process is to ensure you can comfortably make the monthly payments, we are not as strict about this as most lenders.

We pretty much leave it up to you to determine if you can make the monthly payments comfortably. You will want to be sure that you can make the payments, on time, every month, to avoid eviction and loosing your option money.

Q: How much money will I need up front?

A: If you like the house, you will want to put down a deposit. We suggest bringing this with you when going on the appointments to look at your future home. Because most of our houses go so quickly, you will want to be able to put down a deposit right away. To do this, you will need a cashiers check or postal money order for $1000 made out to yourself. If that is not the house for you, simply put the $1000 back in your bank. We cannot hold a house for anyone without a deposit, in certified funds.

The deposit is then applied to your option fee. The actual total amount of the option payment depends on the value of the house you choose and your credit. A more expensive house will require a larger down payment. If your credit is really bad, you are a greater risk and we will need a larger down payment. This said, the typical down payment is between $3,000 and $10,000.

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