Well Priced and Tasty Mexican Dining in NY City

NY City is a mecca of food tastes, and so it isn't a shock that good and inexpensive Mexican food can be discovered just about anywhere in the city. Here are 1 or 2 cheap Mexican diners in NY that are deserving of mention.

107 West

Found on W 187th, there's a miniscule cocina called 107 West, that is tiny, country, and not specially the most posh, but does not have to be since its actually the flavour of the food that counts. The food is rapidly prepared, and it's great tasting. There's a creative and sundry crowd who visit here, and so no one is ever out of step. And the margaritas yes, the margaritas are amazing.

Pachanga Patterson

Over in Queens on 31st Street in the heart of Astoria, there’s Pachanga Patterson, yet one more small joint, bricked in bistro the size of most corridors. Which is something worth mentioning for consumer service. If waiting is an issue for you, be absolutely sure to do lunch here. The also have great choices for vegans too.

5 Burro Cafeteria

On Columbia Street, the 5 Burro Refrectory delivers for a minimum of $15.00, and has a fajita recipe that the majority of folks would pay dearly for. They offer a selection of great margaritas, which may be classified in their own food group.


For those that are down to their last 10 greenbacks on a Fri. night, head to Flushing Avenue in Brooklyn, and find Cactus. With some mixed viewpoints on service, the food reviews are high, apparently the tacos and chimichangas are phenomenally juicy.

Buddy’s Burrito and Taco Bar

Buddy’s Burrito and Taco Bar is found on Court Street in Brooklyn, and has numerous good, inexpensive Mexican places. Folk definitely rant and rave about their giant burritos, and large selection of salsa offerings. Buddy’s offers great food for a fair price, so don’t hesitate to pay them a visit when you are in NY.

Next time you are in NY and in the mood for some inexpensive Mexican food, be totally certain to pay one of those highly rated spots a visit.

Jeff Myers has been fascinated by affordable family friendly dining in New York for a long time. He has written many articles about this topic, and spent a lot of time researching this subject. For full information about the best trattorias in N. Y feel free to visit our site.

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