There exists a bevy of chain restaurants that, for some reason or another, aren’t as popular as they were in years past. As a matter of fact, many of them are losing ground to local restaurants that seem to be cropping up left and right. The incentives they provide are nothing short of tremendous, seeing as how they can offer food, atmosphere, and even prices that other places cannot. Marketing is still a concern for many of these places, so it would make sense for them to hire Long Island advertising agencies.

One of the perks of hiring a reputable agency like fishbat is that they know how to focus on the strengths of different restaurants. A restaurant owner may not have the most space to offer, from a real estate standpoint, but he or she may be confident in the quality of food they provide. It’s the food in question that will be focused on as different services are carried out. This is just one of many perks that your local fishbat Long Island advertising agency can offer.

Another way that local restaurants can be helped is with a variety of social media channels. Some may be more popular than others, but they provide different services that make them stand out from one another. For instance, Facebook has the largest audience in the world. Instagram, on the other hand, is more popular for the sake of images. These are just a few examples, but a number of social media networks should be utilized.

Web design is another critical component that local eatery owners should think about. A website can be used for many reasons, ranging from menu display to online ordering. Granted, your goals may vary from other restaurants, meaning that you may not use their functions. However, if your website is well-made and is optimized to work on a variety of platforms, you’ll see just how beneficial it can be for long-term business endeavors.

These are just a few marketing services that can be taken advantage of, but the challenges of opening a restaurant on a local basis are extraordinary enough. If you’re planning on getting involved in this industry, it’s important to know that there’s a demand. See what people in your area are looking for. Scope the competition and see what you can do differently from there. By putting in the work, you can open up a restaurant that people will recommend to their friends and family.

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Picture this: you’re in the process of starting your own restaurant on a local basis, with dreams of becoming bigger in due time. You must be able to recognize all components that go into this endeavor, including the marketing side of things. This is where you will have to be on the lookout for the best Long Island advertising agencies. For those who would like to know how such an endeavor can be carried out, here are a few things to note.

One of the ways that a Long Island advertising agency can help a budding restaurant is by focusing on local search. This is where SEO services from authorities like fishbat can come into effect, since they will be able to help businesses rank. Of course, this will only be done if the right keywords are focused on. For those who are looking to market their restaurants effectively, you should know that extensive consultation will be a must.

You must also be able to build up an online presence, which is largely carried out with different social media websites. This is where you must take everything from Twitter to Instagram into consideration, given the massive audiences they have to boast. When these channels are utilized, you stand a greater chance of reaching out to more people. It also doesn’t hurt that your restaurant will see more success on the marketing front.

Finally, when building an official website, make sure that it’s optimized for performance reasons. This will include everything from the aforementioned SEO to graphic design, which means that this will require focus. Not only should graphics be made in order to fit your brand, but hyperlinks should be included as to not be broken. Without an official website that visitors can click onto, marketing will prove to be more difficult for your restaurant.

For those who would like to get their restaurant out in the open, in terms of marketing, you can clearly see that there are many talking points worth recognizing. Long Island advertising agencies can provide the best service, but some will be more effective than others. As a restaurant owner, it’s in your best interest to look into the best agencies in the world. By doing so, you can rest easy knowing that your business will see success.

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Marketing Your Restaurant – 3 Tips For Success

There is more to owning and operating a restaurant than just having great food. While it’s true that have great food is the first key to having a successful restaurant, it certainly isn’t the only thing that matters. I would tend to argue that there are plenty of successful restaurant that lack good quality food. So what makes them so successful? Marketing is what makes them successful, and it can help to make your restaurant business successful too (although location is very important as well). Here are marketing tips to help keep your restaurant pack and help you sell more food!

Internet Promotion

If you’re not online, then to potential customers, you don’t exist. You want to make sure that your restaurant is being represented online in two ways: via your own website and via other restaurant referral websites. It should go without saying that your restaurant needs a website that features you location and contact information, your menu, and ideally a few pictures of your best dishes.

Next you need a website of your own. Websites give businesses credibility and also give you the chance to further sell your food and your ambience to your potential customers. Include at minimum your menu, location information, and pictures of your best dishes to entice your potential customers. A simple website will do; you really don’t need any more than 4 web pages to cover it. WordPress is a great option for building an inexpensive yet easy to manage website.

Direct Mail – Promotional Incentives

Most restaurant owners do not have a huge budget for marketing, so doing inexpensive promotional activities is key. This is why sending mail directly to your customers is a good idea. Send postcards through the mail to businesses in the zip codes surrounding your location (2-3 zip codes). Include on the postcard the name of your business, the type of food, the location, a picture of a dish, and a promotional offer (some sort of discount if they bring in the postcard). This is an excellent way to get a lunch crowd.

People that live in the residential area near your location should also get a postcard in the mail about your business. Try mailing to the 2 or 3 zip codes surrounding your business. Be sure to include a special offer or promotion like a discount so as to give the customer a good incentive to come in and try your food. It might also be a good idea to do a “buy one get one free” coupon to get them to bring in an additional person. Remember, in the restaurant business, the more the merrier!

A Billboard Ad

If you have the money to invest and are willing to take a leap of faith, then you might also want to consider marketing your restaurant on a billboard on a highway or major street nearest you. This can help to create brand recognition for your company and peak consumer interest. You only want to do this if you’re located off of a major highway or street. Be sure to include simple directions to your location relative to the location of the billboard, phone number, restaurant name and a big picture of your specialty dish!

Billboard advertisements can be costly, especially if you don’t do your homework first. So research the billboard management companies. Get as much information as you can on the billboard you think you want to rent and try to get a good idea of the number of people that pass it daily. Also, keep in mind that everything is negotiable, so if you don’t like the price you are quoted, don’t accept it! Tell them you need them to come down!

Running a restaurant isn’t easy. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, blood, sweat, and tears. You’ve put a lot of effort into getting your restaurant open, so why not put as much effort into making sure people come in and eat. Do great marketing, and you’re sure to be successful!

Sheila Dollarsby is a marketing consultant who helps numerous businesses with their marketing strategy. She believes that every business should have a website and helps them find great web hosting options for their site. She has written numerous articles about web hosting to help her clients make informed decisions when building their websites.

SMS coupons for Restaurants – A Powerful, Cost-Effective Advertising Tool

In our economic slump, restaurants are finding it harder and harder to promote themselves. The fact is that people are going out to eat less, and spending less when they do. This has placed a heavy burden upon restaurant owners to get people into their restaurants without spending a lot of money. Conventional means of advertising (Print, TV, radio) are extremely expensive and have limited response rates. However, there is good news. A new from of advertising is sweeping the marketing world by storm: text message marketing.

Text message marketing reaches the user via standard SMS text messages. This creates a very personal medium that is always a “vibrate away” from the consumer. In order for the consumer to receive these messages, they must opt-in (sign up) for the service. This means that they have shown enough of an interest in the service to be willing to receive further information from it on their cell phones. This brings us to the world of Text message coupons for restaurants.

Text message coupons give you the benefit of being able to send your discount or promotion instantly at the exact time you want. Imagine this: a dad is on his way home from working, thinking about dinner. His phone goes off and it is a coupon for your restaurant offering an incentive to come in for dinner (ex: “PizzaPlanet: Family Night! 25% your entire food bill with a party of 3 or more. Valid tonight only! Tell your friends!” ) His decision is practically made for him! An hour later he shows up at your door with four hungry customers.

For a very low cost, restaurant owners can send text messages to their prospective customers with an incentive to come in, with the imperative call to action to show up today. With very little effort, a text message coupon service for restaurants can send the Text message coupons for you.

So why look into text message coupons? Studies put text message advertising response rate at 20% with some response rates up to 75%! (Carrabba’s Italian restaurant recently ran a promotion and got a 62% response rate on their promotion!) At a time where people are spending less at restaurants, you have to be different and implement new and creative ways to advertise yourself. For restaurants, Text coupons are the best alternative to tired and worn out conventional advertising.

Start using the most amazing marketing medium available today. text message marketing is a rapidly expanding market due to high read rates and excellent redemption rates. Before you commit to a service, be sure to take a FREE trial to see if using sms coupons is right for you. Choose a service that has fully managed capability so that you don’t have to try to do it yourself.