Music majors and summer jobs

When summer arrives, most college students either are headed home or out to look for a job to tide them over till the fall arrives once more. Most of the students generally prefer jobs that can help them to supplement their income. Depending on the progress these students have reached, some can get a job working in the field they are studying. The summer jobs are mainly for a short period of time.

If you are music major, what is available for you based on your skills at a musician? Summer music camp can be a good option. These camps generally take musicians as entertainers and counselors. Some are paid and some are not. The room facilities are offered by some of the camps and you practice your music there. The hiring processes are competitive so keep that in mind. You will also get a chance to emphasize your experience. You want to make sure you give an account of how you work with children. In order to be in competition you need to do something every important.

Preparing a DVD of your performance can be a good option. You can include any experience you have had, or short clips of work you have done. You need to work on your resume a lot. You will get a good idea of what is acceptable right away.

One very good opportunity is the Frenchwoods summer camp. It offers non-competitive summer music programs for college students in the US. You don’t have to give audition before. After arriving at the camp you need to give the audition. The camp allows musicians of all levels to join. The camp has a cooperative environment between music campers so they are able to include you in some form of performance right away.

They have a youth symphony, a concert band, a jazz program and a rock and roll camp so no mater what your skills, you have a great opportunity to be included. Of course, at this camp, there are plenty of activities for the interns beside music so camp is fun and good experience at the same time.

Students consider summer music camps as a great opportunity to find employment. Some of the camps are quite good and offer rooms to stay along with a payment. That will just about take care of you for the summer. You can enhance your skills and help others at the same time.

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