Drive through fast food

If you grew up in the 60s, or watch such television shows such as Happy Days, you’re familiar with the drive-in restaurants. Back then, these were pretty much a hype. Car hops, as they were called, were usually girls. Often times they were special uniforms. Some even used skates to get the food out faster.

All you have to do is pull up your car in the drive through then a “car hop” would immediately come rolling in to take your order. She’ll then come rolling to your car window with a tray of your specified order. You’d consume the food and put the trash run on the tray, on the horn, and the car hop would come and retrieve your tray. Drive-ins were the subject of many of the beach boy movies, some of them were even famous.

Most of these drive-in serve fast food such as burgers, fries, and some soft drinks such as Coke or Pepsi. A few drive throughs were able to come up with innovations on their menu like the grilled cheese sandwich and the special orders for chicken.

Most of the drive-ins these days have modernized. Modern drive throughs no longer make use of “car hops” with their sleek uniforms and skates. Still, some local entrepreneurs try to keep up a time-honored tradition. They try to keep the set up as simple as possible and the rates as convenient as can be for consumers. However, competition for this kind of business is very much risky specially if you’re competing with major companies. What is the best drive-in food?

There are tons of great drive-ins however the one on the top of the list would be “Sonic”. Some of the newest features of these modern drive-ins are the specialized menus, easy parking and the drive through where a customer can simply make an order and wait for it. There is no more need to bring a tray that can fit to your car window just to have your food delivered. Most the food is brought to your car in a bag.

Deciding which drive-in food is the best is probably a very personal choice. Over the years, it seems that the hamburger has been the favored food and drive-in restaurants. This is for the reason that burgers are pretty much easy to make and is affordable.

On the other hand, a few of the popular dirve-ins like A&W and Dairy Queen have their own specialty food in their menu that they’re proud of. The particular specialty food from these drive-ins will likely be the most reason why customers will take a vist. The special food from other drive-ins is what’s likely to capture the customers attention and taste. An example of which is the special burger from Carl Junior drive-in known as the “Six Dollar Burger”.

Through the years, ice cream has also been made a specialty like Dairy Queens “specialized ice cream”. In addition, root beet was also made a specialty food just like what A&W have for each of their meals and orders.

Of course, who can forget the big Mac, or the Burger King double whopper? With this, burger really stands out to be the best food when it comes to drive-in foods.

Many people have been concerned about the ingredients in some of these foods, and such stores like McDonald’s began serving healthier meals such as salads and fruits. Fortunately, this alternative works for customers as well.

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