Creative Glowsticks Party Table Decoration Ideas

Using LED ice cubes in all sorts of shapes like pumpkins, footballs, golf balls, slices of lemons and real ice cubes to for food decorating can be a lot of fun. You don’t need to take a decorating class, as regardless of skill level you can do a fine job by decorating your food tray and drinks bowl with LED ice cubes. Light up cups in multi-colors and glowsticks necklaces are natural light decorations. Glow sticks used to make glow straws, glow cups and glow knives & forks too.

Decoration of food and drink with LED ice cubes are not only fantastic but also a piece of cake. As the batteries are long-lasting, you can set your light up ice cubes to flash in advance of the party and make adjustment of decoration with these ice cubes in flashing modes. Mix them with real ice in your drink and food platters for more real look.

Lighted glasses? Sure. Why not adding more lighted barware and utensils for more fun. All cocktail glasses have the light up products in the market. Martini, wine, champagne glasses with LED lights are great for decorations. Light up cups are entertaining as well. Cola cups and beer mugs with LED lights are one of the brightest.

If you don’t want to deal with batteries, there are the choice of using glow cups and even glow ice cubes. They use chemical glowsticks and are one-off products. Light up glasses are more expensive than glowstick cups but they have much longer life than glow products too.

To go along with our light up cups and LED ice cubes, to make the glow theme stronger, you can utilize some other LED toys and glowsticks novelties. Glow lights emit softer colors and light than LEDs. Glow products like glow bracelets and necklaces are always liked.

Both kids and adults in your party will absolutely love the food decorations with LED ice cubes and have fun drinking with light up cups and glowsticks cups. They are both hit of the party!

The light up cups are available from online stores that carry party supplies. Glow stick products are also popular items for all kinds of festivals and holidays. Both can uplift your party with fantasy lights and fun play items.

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