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Well Priced and Tasty Mexican Dining in NY City

NY City is a mecca of food tastes, and so it isn't a shock that good and inexpensive Mexican food can be discovered just about anywhere in the city. Here are 1 or 2 cheap Mexican diners in NY that are deserving of mention.

107 West

Found on W 187th, there's a miniscule cocina called 107 West, that is tiny, country, and not specially the most posh, but does not have to be since its actually the flavour of the food that counts. The food is rapidly prepared, and it's great tasting. There's a creative and sundry crowd who visit here, and so no one is ever out of step. And the margaritas yes, the margaritas are amazing.

Pachanga Patterson

Over in Queens on 31st Street in the heart of Astoria, there’s Pachanga Patterson, yet one more small joint, bricked in bistro the size of most corridors. Which is something worth mentioning for consumer service. If waiting is an issue for you, be absolutely sure to do lunch here. The also have great choices for vegans too.

5 Burro Cafeteria

On Columbia Street, the 5 Burro Refrectory delivers for a minimum of $15.00, and has a fajita recipe that the majority of folks would pay dearly for. They offer a selection of great margaritas, which may be classified in their own food group.


For those that are down to their last 10 greenbacks on a Fri. night, head to Flushing Avenue in Brooklyn, and find Cactus. With some mixed viewpoints on service, the food reviews are high, apparently the tacos and chimichangas are phenomenally juicy.

Buddy’s Burrito and Taco Bar

Buddy’s Burrito and Taco Bar is found on Court Street in Brooklyn, and has numerous good, inexpensive Mexican places. Folk definitely rant and rave about their giant burritos, and large selection of salsa offerings. Buddy’s offers great food for a fair price, so don’t hesitate to pay them a visit when you are in NY.

Next time you are in NY and in the mood for some inexpensive Mexican food, be totally certain to pay one of those highly rated spots a visit.

Jeff Myers has been fascinated by affordable family friendly dining in New York for a long time. He has written many articles about this topic, and spent a lot of time researching this subject. For full information about the best trattorias in N. Y feel free to visit our site.

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Popular Beer in New York

The most typical sort of lager is the beer. What makes a beer different from other beers is that it’s brewed using a bottom fermenting beer yeast. Preferred types of lager fall into one of the bigger classes like pilsner, bocks, dunkel and American lagers. Most New York City brew pubs carry the more common kinds of beer. Here is a brief description of these preferred types of lager.


This is a medium to medium-full bodied caramel colored lager. This was the first light lager, which was introduced in 1842. They are highly carbonated and have a malty sweet hops flavor with a rich smell. Alcohol levels are typically 5% ABV. Thanks to the pilsner’s rich flavour you’ll want to try it with a meal with a strong taste; like cream-based soups, Seafoods, Spicy Chicken dishes or Duck. One of the hottest of this type of beer is Germany’s Pilsner Urquell.


These can range from pale to deep amber colour with an alcohol level of 5-6% ABV. Many of those beers ‘ names are in reference to a goat. Bocks are matured for lengthy periods of time. These tend to be a more robust flavoured lager and can be paired with foods like: German dishes, cheeses, chocolates, or game. An instance of this type of beer is Pennsylvania Brewing Co’s St. Nick’s Bock.


Dunkel is the first German dark beer. Its sourness comes from the roasted barley, giving it a toasty chocolate taste. The alcohol level is 4.5 -5.4% ABV. Dark lagers pair best with barbeque, smoked meat, poultry or beef. A favored examples of this sort of lager is Hacker-Pschorr Brau’s Munchner Dunkel.

American Lager

The American Lager is the commonest lager in the US. With fewer calories and less alcohol than the other lagers; 3.5% ABV. The light beer is watery and less bitter. These are very good thirst quenchers and are paired well with BBQ, pizza’s burgers, or sushi. The fastest selling and most widely known lager of this style is Anheuser Busch’s Budweiser.

A massive assortment of good kinds of lager can be purchased at most brew pubs in New York City. The discussed few are only a handful of lagers. There are many others to try also. They're all great and when twinned with the right meal can heighten any dining experience.

Jeff Myers has had an interest in New York Brew Pubs for a number of years. He has written many articles about this topic, including passing histories and the top most engaging facts. For full information about New York Pubs come and visit http://www.newyorkpubs.org

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New York Top Choices for Winter Beer

When facing the cruel chill of the season, winter beer is the best choice. Sneak into one of the many New York City brew pubs and reveal fantastic masterpieces that may have you warmed in almost no time. These top 5 winter beers are sure to do the job.

Imperial Porter by Southampton Publick House

Southampton is the home of this toasty brown concoction. With hints of cocoa, toffee, and caramel, this full-bodied brew goes down smoothly and is best savored with smoked meat and puddings. The Southampton Imperial Porter, made by Phil Markowski, is as legendary as Chick Ruth and Clark Gable, who were customers at Southampton Publick House in the 1920s.

Winter Ale by Blue Point Brewing Company

This amber ale is as appealing to the eye as it is to the tongue, with its deep shade of mahogany, nice head, medium body that has got a sweet start, followed with hints of spice, with a clean finish, that gives you the option to either sip or swill. This Manhattan favorite is best enjoyed with smoked meats, chocolate, and coffee-flavored desserts.

Winter Beer by Samuel Adams

This is definitely one of the more popular winter beers. A careful mixture of cinnamon, ginger, and citrus supply the warming sensation in this spicy, full-bodied beer. It's best twinned with winter’s favourites, duck, apple pie, and gingerbread. The nicest thing about it? You will find it just about anywhere!

Old Red Nose by Heartland Brewery

When the holidays come around, there’s only one red nose that'll be on your mind, Old Red Nose. Brewed in Brooklyn, this beer has all the glories of winter. A roasted chestnut flavour carries you through hints of citrus, brown sugar, and plum to a smooth, durable finish. Combine it up with a mouth-watering steak and let your tastebuds swoon.

Krampus (Imperial Helles Lager) by Southern Tier Brewing Company

This dark and twisty brew is definitely a sipper. Awfully thick with a 2 finger head. Start with a toasted malt-flavor accompanied with caramel, then brace yourself for the forceful takeover of wild hops that hint at grapefruit peel. Visit the internet site for a haunting story of Krampus, Santa’s evil side kick.

Beat the winter and slip into one of the most popular brew pubs in New York City to unfreeze off, or run into the convenience store and pick up a case of heat. Whatever you do, do not let these tasty brews pass you by this winter.

Jeff Myers has been fascinated by NYC Pubs for many years. He has written many articles about this topic, including brief histories and the top most fascinating facts. For more info about pubs in NYC please feel free to visit http://www.newyorkpubs.org

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Eating in New York: Top Chinese Restaurants

Chinese dining in New York is one of the highlights any visitor should experience. If you need to consider family friendly Chinese restaurants in New York, there is a great list to choose from that you will not find it even in the best New York City hotel guide. All our recommendations offer a actually immersive Asian experience.

Chinatown Brasserie

Frequently credited for having the best Szechuan in Manhattan, the Chinatown Brasserie is one of the top places to find Chinese family friendly dining in New York. Located at 380 Lafayette Street (note: not in Chinatown essentially), you will find great Dim Sum, reasonable costs and a massive menu to choose from. The atmosphere has a high end feel, and many reviewers have called it clean and comfy. The service is fast and thought to be particularly helpful, which is always useful when you have kids!

Flor De Mayo Restaurant

If you're looking for family friendly Chinese food in New York with a grin, then come to Flor De Mayo Restaurant. Located right in the heart of Broadway at 2651 Broadway you'll find some of the finest food in NY. Here you can enjoy an excellent meal in a clean traditional setting. The staff is fast and the service is glorious. This cafe is touted by many as amongst the best family friendly Chinese restaurants in New York.

Hop Lee

Another top option for Chinese family friendly dining in New York is Hop Lee Restaurant, located at 16 Mott St, 1. Hop Lee has an atypically high rating on Urban Spoon at 96% (most we see are at approximately 65%). This is a local favorite, known not only for the fantastic decor, but also the savory Cantonese food. This is not the normal Americanized Chinese food, but a truly authentic experience. That might not work for some families attempting to find the more common variety Strip Mall-Chinese food, but the indulgent portions, local setting and good prices should make the danger worth it. For these reasons and more, we decided to include Hop Lee in the list of great family friendly Chinese food in New York.

The Red Egg

Found at 202 Centre St 1, The Red Egg is a singular Chinese dining experience offering a mixing of Chinese and Peruvian cooking. They offer you a Dim Sum menu, a Tiny Plates menu, and a Chinese menu with a great variety of choices at cost-effective costs. It is noted as amongst the most well liked places in the city, but the service has received mixed opinions (bad and good) from some of the more popular bistro review sites. For full information visit.

Jeff Myers has been interested in asian restaurants in nyc for several years. He has written many articles about this subject, including temporary histories and the top most interesting facts. For more information about new york asian restaurants come visit http://www.newyorkasianrestaurants.com

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